Alea Iacta Est The Die is Cast: In the Shadow of Covid 19 Pandemic

Alea Iacta Est The Die is Cast: In the Shadow of  Covid 19 Pandemic
The book deals with the latest global developments since the presidential election in the US in 2016 when Donald Trump took over the presidency in the White House. The author gives a historical look back at the earlier geostrategic theories from the 1800s - 1900s, of which Great Britain and the United States have followed the classic Anglo-American ditto in practice since the First World War and until recently. Also, a reasonably detailed presentation is given about the, in the West among the population, relatively unknown Petrodollar System, which took place after Breton Wood. This Pax Americana-colonial power tool, where the United States can no longer act militarily globally without risk with its aircraft carriers, which is the cornerstone of the United States' superpower status, is currently under intense attacks from Russia and China. With the fight for oil in focus and where Vladimir Putin has succeeded in the entirely impossible. Namely, to receive political support from all countries in the Middle East. We get an overview of the Anglo-Saxon classical geostrategies. Furthermore, Foundation of Geopolitics, the Fourth Political Theory, and Eurasianism, by the Russian professor, geopolitician and ideologue, Alexander Dugin, whose policies are primarily led by Russia under Vladimir Putin. In an action under which China's, Xi Jinping, forms support as the most potent coastal power in Eurasia. These authoritarian powers work together to neutralize US-NATO and thereby take control of the entire Eurasian continent, thus gaining Global World Domination. Plenty of sources from well-known international newspapers/magazines such as Washington Post, The Atlantic, Politico, RBTH, The National Interest, Forbes, Pravda, Oil-price, New York Times, Financial Times, Sputnik, Business Insider, and many more. The entire course of events has escalated dramatically in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, which received enormous global economic and other consequences.

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