Ordering Information

MP3-, Ebooks and other products are ordered via the Internet at AddBooks website. If the title you are looking for is not found, please contact us via our Contact form, select topic - Productinformation. An order through internet, is complete, when you received an order confirmation from us.

All books are presented with information and facts, in the language in which they are published. No translation, takes place between the book titles and the website's different languages.

For physical products, there is a ability to pay by invoice.

Downloadable MP3- and Ebooks, must due to their inherent nature, be paid before they can be downloaded – which means credit card payment.

Your order confirmation in PDF-format – applies as warranty receipt, one year from date of purchase, for physical products. If, you do not already have Adobe Reader installed - you can download it here.

NOTE! You can switch between several different currencies - click on currency button in the site's header to select a currency that suits you.

Do you buy for a company, or public administration, and are interested in ordering larger quantities, please contact us via our Contact form, select topic Order - so we can give you an offer.